aweD was founded by a group of Japanese-American kids in Denver, Colorado as a new kind of streetwear experience, in order to embody emotion, identity, and passion. We felt that being Japanese in the western world meant more to us than just anime and odd tv shows.

The most awe-inspiring moments are fleeting. They can come from the incredible scale and grandeur of nature. They can come from cultural symbols that are a proud part of identity. And they can come from the unique and fascinating passions we all have. These moments inspire a flash of emotion, a reaction of awe, and ultimately stick in the memory forever. 

aweD is on a mission to capture the moments that merit this feeling of awe, and to represent a new layer of the Japanese experience. The creative design at awed strives to compile a themed collection every spring/summer and fall/winter season, that focuses on a new aspect of this feeling. The collections are meant to bring everyone along into the experience to convey the context and feeling of awe so that everybody can experience it in person.

The name reflects the emotion, identity, and passion in life that is awesome and awe-filled.

The square logo represents the everyday, which these moments break out of, just like the designs break past the lines.

awed is a...

company based out of Denver, Colorado. awed was born out of a passion for design, an appreciation for creativity, emotion, and experience, and a recognition of a void in the kind of apparel that expressed both well.  

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and we would love to hear from you. Reach us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, email us at info@awedbrand.com, or leave us a message in the contact form